Since 1950
It's Been All About
The Burger
...and the King of Rock & Roll!
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Elvis Ate Here. Really!

Storm's Hamburger's Home

Elvis sightings were common at Storms Drive-In Restaurant in Lampasas 57 years ago, when the legendary rock-n-roll singer was a GI stationed at Fort Hood. Restaurateur IraDell Storm recalled with affection the encounters she had with the crooner. “It was quite a thrill, to see him come driving up in his Cadillac,” said IraDell, a petite woman who remained active in the restaurant’s day-to-day operations well into her nineties. “I waited on him two or three times. He was fond of our burgers and strawberry shakes. I wouldn’t take anything for those memories.”

IraDell and her late husband, J.B., launched the first of the trio of restaurants in Lampasas on September 23, 1950. Their son, Robbis, assumed management of the family business in 1971 and subsequently opened two more restaurants, with inside service, in the early ’80s, one on Highway 281 in Burnet and the other on Highway 36 in Hamilton.

Old-fashioned burgers with meat ground in-house and cooked on the grill still reign on the menu, but some things have changed. Storm’s Cordon Bleu, a double beef patty stuffed with ham and cheese on a bun, now rivals burgers in popularity.